Through a dumpster dive of America’s gay archives garbage, art duo FFTwinz gleaned all the gay artifacts they had forsaken to bring you GAY DREGS: ARCHIVE REJECTS. A room of gay plunder: Burnt out vibrators, petty slogans, dehydrated urine samples from the famous and dead, ball gag reading lights, ratty tees and more! We have no pride and neither should you! 

Street parking available. Handicapped accessible.

About the Programmers

FFTwinz are Lex Vaughn and Beth Schindler, a long-distance art duo (California/Texas) that formed in 2017 with a mutual objective of making a good time for ourselves and those around us through parties, collaborations and immersive/interactive installations. FFTwinz create work that has an importance to the queer continuum, whether through community based direct actions, or faux-revisionist approaches to creating herstory that has never existed to maintain/revive certain language and visions that are important to our practice.

This exhibit is organized by FFTwinz as part of the 2023 Circa: Queer Histories Festival, presented by One Institute.